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Below you will see all the Furniture Moving Services and skills we can offer from A to Z:


APARTMENT MOVERS - Furniture Moving Apartments in Auckland and Tauranga with-out a hassle. 

ART DELIVERY SERVICE - Furniture Movers have been trained to pack and move artwork carefully and professionally.


CLEANING SERVICE AUCKLAND - Please call us to quote your house clean today or simply call us on 09 2151004. 


FURNITURE ASSEMBLY - Furniture Movers can disconnect and re-connect all whiteware and beds, or anything stated, needed for the client.


HOME STAGING - Need help with moving your home staging furniture to clients? Call Easy Move Furniture Removals today with careful and experienced movers.


NIGHT SHIFT FURNITURE MOVERS - Furniture Removals can be organized with Professional Movers to work overnight, by arrangement, seven days a week.

NORTH SHORE MOVERS - Easy Move Furniture Removals moves clients in the North Shore daily. Moving families around Albany, Glenfield, Beach Haven, and Birkenhead. With competitive rates, you will not go wrong with a great and experienced team of Professional Furniture Movers.

NORTH ISLAND MOVERS - Easy Move Furniture Removals can move you to any destination around the North Island. Furniture Moving places like Paihia, Tauranga, Palmerston North, Wanganui, and Napier.


PACKING MATERIALS - Packing supplies delivered right to your door in Auckland.

PACKING SERVICE - Professional Packers in Auckland and Tauranga to pack your house, 7 days a week. 

PIANO MOVERS  - Upright pianos are not a problem, we have all the tools to relocate your piano anywhere around Auckland and the North Island.

PLANTS AND OUTDOOR ITEMS - Outdoor items and plants can be skillfully relocated by the Movers. Please view how to move Garden Plants properly here.

POOL TABLE MOVERS - Experienced Furniture Movers to move pool tables.


MOVING UNITS OR MOVING FLATS - Our Furniture Removal team move units and flats in Auckland and Tauranga daily. 

UN-PACKERS - Furniture Removers will unpack your items and place them where you like them.


WAIHEKE ISLAND MOVERS - Easy Move Furniture Removals can organize the Waiheke Island Ferry and move your furniture from or to Waiheke Island 7 days a week.

MOVING TO WHANGAREI - Furniture Movers from Whangarei to Auckland and back without a hassle call Easy Move today for a free no-obligation moving quote.

MOVING TO WELLINGTON - Wellington Furniture Movers can move you 7 days a week, local or from Wellington to Auckland and back. 

WHITEWARE INSTALLATIONS - We can dis-connect all whiteware and re-connect at your new place if requested.


Easy Move Furniture Removals is registered with Work & Income so payment arrangements will not be a problem. 


BACKLOAD MOVING - We do regular trips from Auckland to Tauranga, Wellington and Whangarei so call us today on 08004EASYMOVE

BALCONY LIFTS - We can lift items up and over a balcony safely if items do not fit up the stairs or tight doors. We use stropes to do this which is no problem for the Furniture Movers.

BUSINESS RELOCATIONS - Easy Move Furniture Removals can move your Business without a hassle, supplying services to meet your needs and manpower.


DEVANNERS IN AUCKLAND - Containers or storage facilities can be packed or unpacked by our experienced Furniture Removals in Auckland. 


INSURANCE - Please click here to view the Easy Move Furniture Removals insurance policy.

INTER-ISLAND MOVERS - We can move you inter-island with competitive rates. Call or fill in our quote form today.


MOVERS  AUCKLAND - Easy Move Furniture Removals can help with moving furniture items around the house. Can also load your Moving Van, storage unit, or rental.


OFFICE REMOVALS - Moving Office is easily relocated to Auckland and Tauranga or nationwide with our Furniture Moving Company.

ONE ITEM MOVERS - Easy Move Furniture Removals can move your one item around Auckland or Tauranga wide metro area without any hassles at competitive prices. 




SPA POOL MOVERS - Spa pools can be easily moved by our Furniture Carriers around the Auckland and Tauranga area. We can supply extra men for this service if need be.

SOUTH ISLAND MOVERS - Easy Move Furniture Removals can move you to any destination from Auckland to any part around the South Island.

STORAGE - Secured storage facility available in a safe, dry, and monitored location in Auckland and Tauranga. 

STUDENT FURNITURE MOVERS - We move Students regularly without a problem, up and down the country, so call us today to check out our competitive prices.
SURPLUS ITEMS - Anything you wish to discard is taken by the Movers to the charity shop or to the tip if necessary. This service includes a surcharge for the tip or call out fee.


TAURANGA MOVERS - Tauranga Furniture movers ready to move your furniture around Tauranga or anywhere on the north island. 

 TIGHT DRIVEWAYS - A smaller Furniture Removal truck can be used to load and unload furniture in smaller tricky driveways, gear can be loaded in the small Furniture Removal truck to the larger truck at the top of the driveway.

TRADE ME PICKUP/ DELIVERY AUCKLAND - Easy Move has a great competitive price for your small to large items from door to door. Moving Auckland wide to places like New Market, Mount Wellington, Ellerslie, and Grey Lynn.