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Moving Rates (excluding GST)

Standard  Monday – Thursday   $95.00/hour
High  Friday to Saturday   $105.00/hour
Peak    Sunday and Public Holidays $120.00/hour
Call out Fee       $40.00

Exceeding 1 hour - 15 Minute blocks of the hourly rate

Moving outside the Metro area of the CBD we charge an extra 1/2 hour.

Click here for a long distance furniture moving quote!

Additional Rates (excluding GST)

Piano (upright)  $90.00
Spa pool   $125.00

Packing and unpacking service 

1 person Monday to Thursday     $80.00/hour
1 person Friday to Saturday     $90.00/hour
1 person Sunday and Public Holidays   $110.00/hour
2 people Monday to Thursday     $95.00/hour
2 people Friday to Saturday   $105.00/hour
2 people Sunday and Public Holidays   $120.00/hour
Call out fee     $40.00

Extra men @ $30 per hour plus GST

Charging by the nearest 15 minutes through the hour.

Packing materials are an extra additional charge. Please view our customized bundles of Packing Materials suitable for your household here.

Packing Material - Packing material prices.

An order can be sent within 2 working days in the Auckland area. Plus shipping cost within 50km of Auckland CBD.

Cleaning service - Please email us for a cleaning quote.

Storage facility -Please email us for a storage quote.

Insurance – It is normal to ensure your possessions in your home, it is highly recommended to fully cover your goods whilst being moved or in Storage.

Included in this quotation

  • Two men and a truck (Extra men are $30/hour plus GST)
  • Insurance - Our insurance cover under the Contract and Commercial Act 2017 is not comprehensive and is limited to loss or damage that is intentionally caused by us while your items are in transit. (click to view)
  • Furniture moving blankets, ties, and trolleys, plus GPS tracking systems - so we know where the truck is at all times.

We have a range of moving trucks so the size of your household will not be a problem.

When the truck arrives at the pickup address the guys will start their time until the job is completed. 

A call out fee is a one-off payment which covers the cost of running the truck from base and back.

Please note


Long haul/distance: 50% - Payable on receipt of invoice. 

Cancellation fee    


Local - 1 hour /Long Haul - 2 hours (excluding GST).

Canceled within 3 days of the booking time.

Payment methods 



Bank Transfer - Via proof of payment to the guys or a screenshot

Visa or Mastercard - on receipt of invoice - on completion of the job

We do not accept cheques.

Clients who are using Storage Facilities are required to pay the agreed amount before going into storage. 

Payment terms  At the completion of the job.
Legal/Collection Fees
Any fees incurred in collecting money owed to Easy Move Furniture Removals will be for the client’s account.


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