How to Pack and Move in a Hurry?

Moving to North Island suburbs can be exciting, especially if you have always lived in the city. From making a checklist of things to do to find the best house packers, every step is crucial and defines how ideally the home move takes place. But what if you have to leave in a hurry? What if you have just a week to find Auckland movers, pack your belongings and move to a new home?

How to find the best furniture movers when you are short of time?


Managing Utilities During Relocation - What You Can Do In Auckland

Relocating to a new home or office is not an easy task. It requires careful planning, oversight and a lot of coordinated efforts to ensure the proper delivery of goods without any damage. One of the critical aspects of relocation that is often overlooked is ensuring the proper transfer and management of utilities.

As a layman, it might be difficult to figure out the exact plan for all the utilities. While New Zealand has a wide range of moving companies that offer utility management services, it helps things to plan in advance and make an assessment of all the vital necessities such as electricity, water,


Moving Houses in Winter - How to Make it Work

Do you need to move to a new house in a different city in the wintertime? Are you worried about moving your belongings in winter? Do you want to know how to go about winter moving to minimize glitches and problems? There are a number of moving companies in Auckland that are experienced in moving houses during the wintertime.

Why winter moving can be tricky

If you are wondering why so many of your loved ones are surprised you are moving in winter or are trying to persuade you to move during a different season, here are a few reasons they might be concerned:

  • Closed and icy roads: If you plan to move to a city or town at a higher altitude than sea level, there is a good chance you will encounter snow during your winter move. If there has been heavy snowfall before you go, it is possible that some smaller roads might be closed for traffic. Even if roads are open, snow and ice could make them slick and difficult to drive on, especially for heavy moving vehicles.
  • Snowstorms, rain, and bad weather: If you are moving to a higher altitude that gets snow frequently, you might encounter a snowstorm during your move, especially if your move is during peak winter. Snowstorms could cause delays and increase the chances of your moving vehicle being stuck on the way to your new house. Heavy rains and generally