Tips for a Contactless Move during a Pandemic!

When the COVID-19 pandemic was announced to the world, no one anticipated that they would need to take drastic measures to ensure their safety, as well as the safety of their loved ones. Trivial responsibilities were ignored, and everyone concentrated on what was most important to them- safety. But as time passed, trivial responsibilities became more important than ever, and fulfilling them was vital. One such responsibility was moving from the city to the suburbs.

Moving to North Island suburbs during a pandemic carried many fears as the virus was fast affecting many people. Furniture movers throughout Auckland and nearby areas adapted strategies to minimize contact with the clients to ensure their safety. In addition to taking safety measures, they also offered several tips for client safety. Some of the tips for a contactless relocation from a city to the suburbs are as below.

Take virtual 3D tours before the move

Understanding the layout of your home is vital before you move into the new place. It helps to plan your move and unpack accordingly. Henderson movers suggest taking a virtual tour of the new venue instead of visiting your new home. You fulfill the need to understand the layout and reduce the exposure to an uncertain environment.

Order your moving supplies ahead of time

One of the best tips that ensure the contactless move is to order your supplies instead of visiting a shop. Supplies such as moving boxes, labels, packing paper, crating, among others can be ordered to be delivered to your doorstep. As per some of the best house packers and movers in Auckland, ordering them online is the best option and an alternative to personal shopping.

Lookout for no-contact moving services

East Auckland movers advise social distancing and avoiding contact by hiring companies that offer no-contact moving services. The contact-less move lets you avoid physical interaction with others and in turn, keep you safe from the virus. In the given circumstances, several movers have come forward in offering no-contact moving services to customers.

Follow these strategies for no-contact moving services

Here are some strategies to move without any direct contact with the movers you have hired.

  • Look for Auckland movers that offer contactless consultation services. The size and content of your home can be analyzed with the help of a quick video tour. You can easily get a quote without any personal consultation from a professional mover.
  • Try to pack most of your belongings yourself. For those items that need professional help, you can hire house packers to do the needful. Make sure that the packing teamwork in their designated area while you remain in a different room, maintaining maximum distance.
  • Keep a safe distance while your belongings are loaded and unloaded. You must be present while the boxes are unloaded, but maintaining social distance and wearing a mask can help.
  • Professional West Auckland movers suggest avoiding a handshake thanking service providers for their services. Instead, maintain a distance and express your gratitude.

Minimize your contact with the public environment

Here are some tips on how you can minimize contact with the public environment when you are moving.

  • Instead of stopping at a restaurant, pack some snacks and sodas.
  • Driving a long-distance can be stressful. Look for parks, rest-stops, and fields with benches to rest. You can stop by fields to take a quick break and stretch your legs.
  • Carry camping supplies in your car instead of booking a room at a hotel. If camping is not an option, carry your sheets, bedroll, and sanitize your hotel room before you take a rest.
  • Instead of going inside a convenience store or a hotel for food and supplies, call and arrange for a curbside pickup.

Use extra sanitization precaution

Professional movers ensure your safety as a part of their services. But here are some extra safety tips.

  • Avoid recycled and free donated moving boxes. Buy fresh material several days before the move.
  • Clean the material using disinfectant sprays and wipes before you use it.
  • Sanitize all boxes and furniture after unloading.
  • Offer sanitizers and hand-washing supplies to the moving crew.

Don't forget to place your highest priority on the health and safety of your family.

Before you move, you must be aware of all the risks that are associated with it. Your and your family's health is of utmost importance, and hence it is vital to understand the facts and risks associated with moving from one home to another during a pandemic.

  • It is ideal to postpone your move if you or your family belong to the high-risk group.
  • If moving is inevitable, isolate all high-risk members of the family.

Isolate yourself!

Once you have moved into your new abode, you must consider isolating yourself for 14 days until the virus fully runs its course. You may not be infected, but you may be a passive carrier. It not only helps avoid the spread of the virus but also gives you time to unpack.

If you follow these safety tips, you can ensure the safety of your family and loved ones, as well as stay focused on the moving process.