Here's Why moving Your Furniture Yourself is a Bad Idea

You have decided to move houses across Auckland suburbs. You are tempted to do the packing and moving. But we will request you to hold on. Packing and moving is a stressful process. Moving houses is a complicated process that can go wrong at any time. What looks easy may not end up being easy. Given below are some pitfalls associated with the moving process.

Time Management.

The packing and moving process involve organizing numerous things big and small. You need to hire transport, arrange the boxes, label them, decide what to pack and what to discard, get permissions for transport, etc. Then you also have to manage your work, kids, and family. It will be very difficult for you to spare time for all this.

Packing slowly will cause inconvenience to your family. It is best to start and complete the packing process as quickly as possible. This will ensure minimum inconvenience to your family. Easy Move Furniture Removals will ensure that your house move is completed as quickly as possible.

Methodical work.

As with every other work, there is a proper procedure of going about packing and moving work. Packing, labeling, loading, and unloading all require proper planning. As you are a novice, you may not be familiar with the correct procedure. Not doing the work in the proper way could lead to more time and expenses. Experienced house movers develop their own system for fruitful completion of the work.

Risk of Injury.

Remember that furniture removal is physically demanding work. Most of us are not used to such physical exertion in our daily lives. Lifting heavy objects such as furniture requires skill. Carelessly pushing and lifting heavy things can make you vulnerable to back injuries. You wouldn't want to enter your new home with a serious injury.

Easy Move Furniture Removals have highly trained people who are experts in the furniture removal process.

Difficulty in Packing different items.

All items in your home are not of uniform size and shape. This would pose a problem while packing. Packing unevenly shaped or fragile items will require special skills.

Packing material.

It will be extremely difficult for you to procure the correct material to pack your household goods. Some items will require foam while others may need bubble wraps. You will not know where to find these materials. You may not be able to estimate the number of packing materials correctly.

Since you do not have the experience, you will not be able to get a correct estimate of the number of boxes required merely by looking at the items. You may end up purchasing more or fewer boxes which will delay the packing process. Professional movers in Auckland bring the packing materials required for the packing of your household goods.

Tools and equipment.

Your furniture may require dismantling for ease of packing. You will not have the tools required for such a process.

Unforeseen issues.

There can be a lot of glitches in the packing and moving process. The packing material may give way. Your furniture may get stuck in places. Your lack of experience means that you may not be able to anticipate all the issues.

With their wide experience, house packers successfully anticipate all the problems beforehand to ensure smooth completion of the moving process.


When you are doing the packing and moving, you will have to arrange for transport yourself. You may end up arranging the wrong sized vehicle. The vehicle may be too large or too small. If the vehicle is too large, then the items may shift around during transport and get damaged. If the vehicle turns out to be small then it will have to make multiple trips which will be inconvenient and time-consuming.

Depending on family and friends.

You will not be able to do all the packing and moving single-handedly. You may have to take help from family or friends. They may not be available at your convenience.

Auckland's movers have trained personnel who arrive at your door at the scheduled time and complete the work as per your convenience.


Your family and friends are not trained to handle furniture and household goods. Things may fall and break. Furniture may be damaged due to improper handling. Fragile items may get damaged if they are not tightly packed in the boxes. If anyone gets injured during the shifting process, you will have to pay for their medical expenses.

Henderson movers carry insurance, which covers the workers and your belongings. Professional house packers will work hard to safeguard your goods since they have to uphold their reputation.

Movers in Auckland are known for their expertise in packing and moving. With professional house packers doing your job, you can use the time to concentrate on your new house.