Do’s and Don’ts to Help with Moving Stress

Moving homes is stressful – no doubt! However, you do not need to be an anxious mess every time you move houses. The prospect of moving will inevitably be stressful if you are moving for the first time. It can also be a leading cause of worry if you haven't relocated in a while. How can you make the process of moving and shifting homes less stressful? Is it even possible? Of course, it is. We tell you all about the tips and tricks to follow to curb your moving stress below.

Valuable Tips that will Help You Deal with the Stress of Moving

  • Opt for a Second Viewing – You've already visited the property you intend to invest in, so why go for a second visit? A second visit helps you verify all the facilities present in the property better. Your first visit is when you get an initial viewing and make your mind up about a possible purchase. The second visit is intended to provide you practical information that will help you make an informed approval/rejection of the property you want to move in. Use this visit to check where the fuse box is located, if the kitchen appliances present work, and so on.
  • Make an Early Decision about Whether You Will Require House Packers or Go DIY – While you can always call up your friends and ask them to help you move your belongings from your old house to the new, appointing a furniture removals service to help you move in a tidy manner is probably a better option. Your appointed furniture removers will take care of every bit of moving your things, right from the packing to the loading and unloading. Yes, you will need to pay up a little more than you would have, had you chosen the DIY route. However, at least you can rest knowing that your items will be packed expertly and handled with professional care.
  • Prepare by De-cluttering Your Current Home – Don’t wait till the very date of your moving to act on moving. Yes, you might have contracted a moving company to pack your possessions for you, but this does not mean you sit still. Try to begin de-cluttering the house you will be moving out of. It will not only make the process much easier when your due date for moving rolls around, but it will also help you mentally prepare for the relocation.
  • Notify Your Impending Address Change to Your Postal Service and More – Inform your postal service about your move and provide them with your new address, so that you can receive your mail at your updated address immediately after your move. You may also want to notify your broadband service provider and cable guy similarly.
  • Smartly Label Your Boxes – You will be labeling your boxes according to their belongings, of course. Another smart way to label them is to specify when you will likely need to use them next. Doing this will help keep you from rummaging through a needless number of boxes and help you locate and trace your belongings more easily post-move.
  • Bag the Fixtures and Fittings for Your Furniture – Imagine all your new furniture lying disassembled in your new apartment, without the necessary fixtures and fittings to assemble them back. A proper tragedy, that would be! Be careful of packing all the screws and knobs into small sealed plastic bags when unscrewing your furniture, to avert such a situation.
  • Prepare a Moving Day Kit – The best way to reduce your anxiety for an upcoming event that causes you stress is to pre-plan for it. You can take the same approach for your moving day, too, as minimize the stress you can expect to feel. Assemble your phone, charger, packed lunch, screwdriver, cleaning accessories, and tissue papers together in a bag. You can simply reach into this bag for everything you might need during/immediately after your move.
  • Clean Your New House Before Your Boxes Reach – Sure, your new apartment will have already been cleaned once for you, to welcome your move. However, it doesn't harm to give the space a good cleaning before your boxes arrive. It will also help you familiarize yourself with your new living space. Put on some music, grab that mop and get to it! You will thank yourself later. You can't possibly tell when you will get to clean the place without any furniture the next time.

Last but Not Least – Relax!

Moving is a big deal. It is natural to experience some amount of stress and anxiety at the prospect of uprooting yourself from one place, to relocate to another. However, this does not mean that you allow yourself to get carried away with your stress. Follow the suggestions we have listed above, to help you curb your moving stress. After you've taken care of a majority of the things that need taking care of, and boxed up your belongings amply, sit back and allow yourself time to unwind. Don't pressurize yourself to unpack right after you've relocated, and enjoy yourself the time to enjoy your new home.