How to Reduce Corporate Downtime During a Relocation?

Moving to Wellington from Auckland may not seem to be an overwhelming task as long as you have house packers and furniture movers ready at your disposal. When you relocate your home, it may seem to be a tedious task, but with the help of Henderson mover, you can say goodbye to the stress that accompanies it. But have you ever wondered how stressful relocating a business can be? Not only are Auckland movers responsible for the timely movement of all the furniture and equipment, but they should also ensure that they are not the cause for any corporate downtime.

Here is how you can reduce corporate downtime during relocation with the help of furniture removals and movers Auckland.

Strategic Planning

When it comes to commercial relocation, planning is the most important tool. There are several things to consider before you move your business, such as client downtime, holiday season, seasonal changes, and others to identify when downtime is expected and where it can be avoided. As yourself, ‘How can I avoid downtime?’, ‘Can I risk the downtime caused to my clients?’, ‘Can the season cause any stress during the relocation?’ and plan accordingly.

Finalize the floor plan

It is one of the crucial parts of relocating business as a cluttered office space can increase the downtime. You must create a logical floor plan of the new office location by visiting the office space several times. It would be ideal to involve Auckland movers in this task as they will be well-informed about what goes where on a moving day.

Make a schedule and follow it

A well-planned timeline is also an essential part of commercial or corporate relocation. To ensure that you reduce the possible downtime, you must keep everything prepared, so time is not wasted in doing tasks that could have been completed earlier. A schedule will ensure that you minimize the wastage of time and helps to avoid unnecessary delays.

Relocate in stages

Another strategy you can use is relocating your business in stages instead of moving everything in one single day. It is a more practical and easier way of moving, and it also enables the employees to remain productive. Once you plan the layout of the new premises, you can move one department at a time so that the facility will be up and running with overall reduced downtime.

Choose the best East Auckland movers

Corporate relocation is not the same as residential relocation. It needs special skills, equipment, and approach that are offered by only a few best movers Auckland. As DIY corporate relocation is not a risk worth taking, it is ideal to find expert East Auckland movers who can ensure that you experience least to no downtime while relocating to new office space.

Always plan for contingencies

Many unexpected contingencies that you are unprepared for can occur, such as a broken water pipe, an out-of-service elevator among various others. There are several questions to consider and plans to frame before you move. Ask yourself

  • What if there is a local event scheduled on the day we move?
  • How to face traffic disruption?
  • Can I continue with my plan if I fail to hire an IT team?

Ask yourself these questions and more and come up with ideas to resolve them. If you are working with West Auckland movers, you can ask them about their experience with contingencies and plan accordingly.

Offer remote working

Contingencies are always a part of corporate relocation. To overcome unexpected problems, you can make use of remote working tools that will enable your employees to work from home until the relocation is complete and the office space is ready for use. Remote working is a backup plan that you can use to keep the essential services running.

Don't forget to communicate

Communication is the solution to various key problems that we face in our day-to-day life. Don't forget to inform your employees about the relocation well in advance. It will enable them to plan and schedule their responsibilities. Make sure to share the relocation dates and timeline, their responsibilities, and how they can contribute to a smooth transition.

If you have hired Henderson movers, don't forget to keep the communication open with them as well. Keep them informed of the progress and any changes that you have planned.

Keep your IT specialists handy

Your IT employees might be your most important tool during a corporate relocation. You will need help from your IT team to set up everything for you and ensure that there is no downtime. Once everything is set up by the IT team, your employees can get back to work, and you can reduce the downtime that otherwise could cause immense loss.

If you do not have an IT team working for you, you can always hire IT professionals to do it for you. Corporate relocation is not an easy task as it requires a lot of planning and flawless implementation.