The Cheapest Way to Make A Long-Distance Move

There comes a time when moving a long distance or from one country to another becomes evident and unavoidable. Moving to North Island suburbs from Auckland city in itself is a bigger task than you may have imagined. From finding a suitable home to hiring the best East Auckland movers, every task can be cumbersome and costly if you don't do it right. Moving within a country is accompanied by a cost that you must bear. Now, can you imagine moving to a whole new country?

As per Henderson Movers, the cost associated with moving from one home to another depends on the size of the home, the number and type of belongings you have, the distance you want to move, and the method you choose. Often, in an attempt to reduce the cost, you may try to compromise on the furniture movers that you hire. But did you know, you can move from one country to another without wasting a lot of money? Here are some tips.

Tips to make a long-distance move cheaper!

Many professional West Auckland movers say that customers compromise on the service that they avail when they move across the country instead of reducing their cost in other ways. Here are some ways you can move from one country to another without spending too much.

  • Plan in advance

The best way to reduce your moving budget is to plan everything so that you have enough time to find the right house packers and movers Auckland, and fulfill the required formalities. The more time you give yourself, the more successful you will be in reducing the cost, as you get sufficient time to invest in finding the best Auckland movers and furniture removals. In addition to finding the best movers, you also get an estimate of the cost that you may need to bear and time to reduce that cost.

  • Move during off-peak season

Did you know that summer is the best time to move? Besides the weather being favorable, families with children find summer to be most convenient as children are out of school, and they have sufficient time to adjust to the new environment. The only problem with summer is that it is the peak season for the moving industry. Everyone wants to move during the summer and that being the prime season, companies tend to raise their prices. For a cheaper option, choose to move during the off-peak season.

  • Do your packing

Moving company charges vary based on the service that you seek from them. Instead of paying them to do everything, do some of the packing yourself, especially your personal belongings. You can seek help from furniture removals only for those items that need expertise such as dismantling and packing furniture.

  • Pack it efficiently

As much as it is wise to let house packers and furniture movers do all the packing, to reduce the cost, you can learn efficient packing strategies that include using fewer boxes, maximizing space, preventing damage of delicate items during the move and so on. 

  • Reduce Reuse Recycle

It is a simple mantra that most people who move adopt. Reduce the number of items that you want to move, reuse those things that you instead of throwing them, and recycle items that you can neither donate nor reuse. Chances are that there are a few things that you don’t need, don’t use, or can’t take with you.

  • Purge your belongings

Start by purging your belongings to lighten your load, and in turn, reduce the cost of moving. Organize all your belonging into – Keep, Sell, Donate, Reuse, Recycle, and Throw. When you organize your belongings, you can reduce costs by packing only those items that you will take with you and letting go of things that you don't need.

  • Hold a yard sale

At times, letting go of items that are either new or as good as new can be painful. Instead of donating things that are still worth a lot, you can organize a yard sale and sell some of your belongings that you cannot take with you when you move. You not only reduce the cost of moving but also make some money.

Do not pack anything that you haven't used in the past six months or things that you no longer find any use of. Having very few things to pack and move makes the task easier and the move cheaper, while making unpacking quicker as well.

  • Rent a truck and move yourself

Doing everything yourself is the cheapest way of moving from one country to another. All you need to do is hire a moving truck, and the rest falls upon you. It is the best option for people with small homes or those who live in an apartment wherein the number of items to be moved is less. By choosing to move on your own, you save a considerable amount of money. But remember, the labour is more as you must do everything, from arranging packing materials to packing loading, moving, and unloading, among others.

If you are looking for the cheapest way to move across the country, start your planning sooner than later. If you can't have your company pay for the move, look for Auckland movers and furniture removals that offer the best service at the best price.