How to Move from One Home to Another During COVID-19 Pandemic? 

Moving from one home to another can be an exciting experience to many people, especially who have always lived in a rented house and are moving into their home. Though it’s a tedious task, moving to Auckland suburbs can be exhilarating, a life away from the hustle-bustle of the city. 

To many people, their dream of moving was shattered due to the novel coronavirus that put a standstill on many activities. The fear of coming in contact with the virus was so dominant that everyone, from East Auckland movers to West Auckland movers, and every furniture movers had to put in their best effort to improvise. It was only after taking several measures that house packers and movers Auckland came back into business, to offer their service. 

Are you considering moving around the suburbs during COVID-19 restrictions? Here’s how you can do it! Step one is to check the territory restrictions and guidelines 

The outbreak of coronavirus has changed a lot of things around the world. There are more restrictions and guidelines to follow to ensure your safety. While in general you will be asked to delay the move to a better time, if there are any issues such as contractual obligations or similar, you will be allowed to move. COVID-19 may present different restrictions and guidelines in territories that are the worst hit. It is advised to find whether the exemption will be granted to ensure the move happens smoothly. 

Connect with one of the best and reputable furniture removals 

Auckland movers are categorized as essential services. Being exempted, you will find a long list of the best and reputable furniture movers that you can hire while you move from one place to another. When you hire the services, make sure that they are aware of all the restrictions and guidelines to move into a territory as well. It is ideal to hire movers who can keep you and your family safe during this pandemic. 

Arrange for the disconnection of current services, and the connection of new! 

One of the most critical tasks to fulfill is to disconnect all your current services and schedule for a new connection. Services such as utilities usually take up to two weeks from the moving date to be disconnected and new connections scheduled. But due to COVID-19, these services may take longer. While they are considered as essential services, due to COVID-19 restrictions, service providers may be operating under shortened working hours with reduced staff. Make sure that you do this well in advance that gives the service providers sufficient time and opportunity to fulfill your needs, and you have an opportunity to reschedule your move in case these services cannot be fulfilled. 

Arrange for and organize packaging materials and moving boxes 

There are a lot of things that health experts still are not sure about when it comes to the novel coronavirus. The virus is believed to survive on surfaces for several hours, and if a person comes in contact with the virus, they can be infected. Your health must be your priority, and to ensure that you are not infected, use fresh and new boxes instead of used, old ones. If you are taking the service of movers or doing the whole process yourself, make sure that you arrange for packaging materials and moving new boxes. Also, make sure that the removals company that you hire abides by the rules and restrictions that are set to ensure the safety of customers and themselves. 

Prepare for packing your belongings and start packing 

When it comes to packing and moving, several Auckland movers offer the service of packing all household items before moving. Make a checklist of all the things that you can do and start doing it well in advance. Box everything you can. Take help from furniture movers as it is a task that needs expertise. 

Get ready for moving day! 

It’s moving day, and with the services you have hired, you will come face to face with several people from the hired service. Make sure that you maintain social distancing. Also 

  • • Make sure all your items are boxed, sealed, and labeled. 
  • • Keep your pen ready to sign so that you do not borrow one from the movers. 
  • • Limit the number of people in the house to one responsible person and the movers. 
  • • Let the movers have access to the washroom to wash hands in addition to using sanitizers. 
  • • Make sure that everyone is wearing a suitable mask at all times. 
  • • Limit unnecessary movements during the move. 
  • • When offloading, show where each box has to be placed by using a floor plan. 
  • • Avoid coming in contact with anyone. 

Make sure that you put your health and hygiene first. Remember, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your loved ones and reducing the spread of the virus.