How To Pack Your Life In Two Suitcases

Fitting years of your life into two suitcases is far from an easy task. Unless you intend to go shopping for your things abroad and have no attachment to your belongings and nil hoarding tendencies, packing is a breeze. But for others, it requires several re-packs and re-arranging. Say, you are preparing to move overseas to study and can only bring two suitcases with you – what do you do? It can be a challenge what to bring and what to leave out, especially if you don't know what to expect in your new living situation. All the "what if" scenarios that crop up in our mind before a big move make it so much more difficult to narrow down life's necessities. Organize your things from before and remember that less is always more. Neither do you want the physical burden of carrying tons of luggage by yourself in an alien land nor do you want to pay the fee for excess luggage. Here are a few tips to help you pack all that you need for a move in two suitcases-

Tips on How to Pack-


    • Read up on airline restriction – Different airlines have different luggage restrictions. Ensure that your luggage keeps to the weight as well as measurement restrictions. Some airlines allow a certain restriction to check-in luggage weight and then allow you to carry hand-luggage. Each of these items will have their own weight restriction. Be careful of adhering to the same to avoid paying for overweight luggage at the gate.
    • Make lists your best friend – List up everything you want to pack and then adjust this according to how weight and space distribution is taken up. If nothing, make a list of all the items that you pack, so you don't have to worry about missing anything out.
    • Think you’re playing Tetris – If you are able to pack every nook and cranny of your suitcase with things that you need, it is time to reward yourself.
    • Use Space Bags – Space Bags save tons of space but may lead to excess weight in your baggage because of increased density. If you don't want to use space bags, play around with other space-saving hacks like rolling up your clothes. It helps wrinkles and takes up minimal space!
    • Put your necessities first – Most of us are guilty of packing things we could have easily left behind. A packing list comes handy here; you can take stock and eliminate the items you don't really need and begin packing from there. Once the essentials have all been packed, you can consider what else to put in from the items you had eliminated earlier.
    • Make use of your carry-on luggage – Carry the biggest carry-on luggage size that you are permitted and fit your extra belongings here. Put anything that will entertain you on your long flight in addition to things you were unable to fit in your suitcases.
    • Leave out the toiletries – Your shampoo, conditioner and face wash can add to the weight and take up valuable space in your suitcase. Unless you are very particular about the brands you use, leave these at home. If you must, carry travel sizes of each which gives you enough time to acclimatize to your new home before you have to head out and buy the products anew. Also, leave out hair dryers, curlers, straighteners and other hair appliances. You can purchase these for cheap when you arrive at your destination.
    • Do the same for household linen – Towels, bedsheets, and pillows add unnecessary bulk to your travel luggage. You can buy them at affordable prices from local shops, once you land.
    • Be sure to check the weather conditions of your destination – Keeping a tab on the monthly averages will give you a fair idea of how warm/cold it is likely to be. It is crucial you carry this weather check out to save yourself from any unexpected weather changes. Bring items you can mix, match and layer. Don’t take more than a couple large jackets as these take up a lot of space. You can always shop for what you don’t carry. Pack comfortable shoes and as many sets of socks and underwear you can. It will save you from doing your laundry frequently.
    • Don’t pack food – You are packing for a move, not a zombie apocalypse. The best thing you can do is explore the local cuisine and produce.
  • Pack a minimum of one formal outfit – Social events in some countries expect you to be more formally dressed than others. A black suit-and-tie or a dressing gown will take care of your sartorial needs for such events.


After you’re done packing all of the above, allow yourself to bring along some sentimental items. You’re bound to miss home and these items will help you carry a slice of home with you.