Managing Utilities During Relocation - What You Can Do In Auckland

Relocating to a new home or office is not an easy task. It requires careful planning, oversight and a lot of coordinated efforts to ensure the proper delivery of goods without any damage. One of the critical aspects of relocation that is often overlooked is ensuring the proper transfer and management of utilities.

As a layman, it might be difficult to figure out the exact plan for all the utilities. While New Zealand has a wide range of moving companies that offer utility management services, it helps things to plan in advance and make an assessment of all the vital necessities such as electricity, water,

and internet among other. Ideally, utilities should be connected to the new facilities before your arrival so that you can immediately begin settling in.

Mentioned below are some strategies that you can follow to streamline the management of your utilities before your arrival at your new home.

  • Plan early and take lead times into consideration- Transferring utilities requires various activities such as informing the service provider about the relocation, ensuring the setting-up of equipment and arrange for servicemen during the time of arrival. With so many activities to coordinate, it pays to start planning early and inform the customer support of the various services at least two weeks in advance. Additionally, you should take the lead times of the various services into consideration. Depending upon the need of the utility and its lead time, various utilities should be prioritized accordingly. For example, it is extremely important that you have electricity and running water in your new house. Things like internet connection can be given a lower priority.
  • Check the final reading of meters before relocation- You should ask the service agent of your utility company or the local government official to come down to your current and provide a final bill for all the utilities. Your utility provider might cause issues during relocation if all the bills related to the previous property are not cleared. Additionally, you should assess the difference in the consumption of the various utilities between your new home and your previous one. Doing so will not allow you plan better financially, but also manage your energy consumptions better.
  • Check for any pending refunds or paybacks- While relocating people often forget to check about any pending refunds or paybacks that they are owed from their utility service providers. Quite often such refunds contain enormous amounts of capital which can prove useful during the time of moving. Such uncollected refunds can take months or even years of deposits into consideration depending upon the duration of usage.
  • Make a note of the important addresses- It is vital to not only know about various important addresses in your new location, but you should also take your old contacts with you. The location of important offices such as those of the water or electricity board, hospitals and police stations in your location must be identified. Retaining contact with your old acquaintances and neighbors can prove useful as complete relocation takes time. You might want to depend upon your old neighbors and service providers for various kinds of assistance.

Using a Moving Company for Utility Relocation and Management

If you’re in or around Auckland then you have the option of booking the services of some excellent moving companies who provide end-to-end service and assistance with not only the moving and packaging of goods but also the management of utilities. You will be saving up on time, capital and resources by enlisting their services. Additionally, such moving companies possess technologies and professionals with deep experience who are capable of predicting any eventualities associated with relocation.

Moving companies provide both, disconnection of old services, and reinstallation of utilities at your new location. They are proficient at handling all kinds of resources such as gas, electricity, water, internet and others. Other than moving companies you can also enlist the help of the utility service provider.   Utility companies can provide you with attractive packages on reconnection of services and quotes on packing. They can also connect you with other services such as home and carpet cleaning. With ease and timely reconnection, you will have access to internet and phone which will allow you to manage things a lot better at your new residence.

Most utility companies such as internet and electricity providers are moving towards free relocation services within the area of the city. With the use of modular technologies they often have a common format of connection ports or water sources across multiple locations. This it makes it incredibly easy for them to accommodate the relocation needs of their customers. All they have to do is check for the availability of open ports or connections at the new locality and establish a connection to the customer's new domicile on time.