Reducing Stress While Setting Up Electricity Connection At Your New Home

Relocating to a new home is a stressful and tiring experience. Days are spent in unpacking, arranging and cleaning the facilities and personal goods. The expectation of happiness and joy of settling at their new home is what keeps most people going during this time. However, things can take an extremely frustrating turn if there is no electricity connection at the new location before or upon your arrival.

Just like before, while buying a computer we assess our requirements and look for various models with different specifications, we should check all the features and services provided by moving and utility companies. A lot of private electricity companies provide extensive assistance and attractive relocation packages to their customers. Additionally, most moving companies in New Zealand help their client with the management and transfer of utilities. Such companies can ensure a proper power connection at your new domicile before your arrival.

There are several companies in New Zealand which provide electricity to various locations. Before taking on the service of any company, there are certain things that you should assess regarding your new home and your utility plans.

  • You should calculate your monthly electricity bills in your old house and draw up an estimate of the final electricity bill.
  • You should revisit the terms and conditions of your electricity provider and know how soon you should intimate regarding the possible disconnection or reconnection of power. You will also come to know of any associated penalties that are that are present if the service is canceled in the middle of the month or before the notice period.
  • By comparing the number of rooms and utilities between your old and new house you should draw up an estimate of the approximate energy costs in the new location.
  • Analyze the various electricity providers and make a note of the charges and tariffs that are placed by various companies. The idea is to minimize energy costs as significant capital is invested during the relocation itself.
  • Enquire about the quality of the connection of various electricity providers in the new locality. You can talk to your new neighbors and gain insight into their customer service.
  • You need to maintain at least two months or records of electricity usage and bill payments made to your old electricity provider. This will be asked by your new service provider as a financial assurance that you do not have any pending bills.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the new contract carefully and fix the date of the initiation of services carefully so that it matches with your date of arrival.

Have a Moving Company set up Your Electricity

If you do not wish to take on all the necessary hassles of establishing your own electricity connection, then you can let one of the moving companies do it for you. It will save your time and energy, and the moving company executives will deal with the utility companies and provide the best electricity connection according to your needs. Some of the major advantages of using a moving company to manage your power connections are mentioned below.

  • Access to quality providers of electricity- Moving companies often work in conjunction with various utility companies to streamline the relocation process. They possess extensive lists of contacts for various services. Depending upon your power usage needs and budget, moving companies can offer the best possible energy service, providers.
  • Setting up new connections without hassle- Gaining access to electricity connection requires opening an account with the local service provider. There are verification processes involved which consume a lot of time. Additionally, connection ports must be checked for availability and booked. You can be free of such hassles by letting your moving company take care of all the proceedings for you. They will take it upon themselves to contact the right energy service provider and get your account established and verified. You would only need to provide relevant details on the moving company's website or to their executive before the actual relocation.
  • Setting up the connection- There many moving companies in New Zealand that actually connect your new homes to power sources. You might need to find a power retailer with which your moving company has ties with and then the moving company provides complete end-to-end service. These companies realize that relocation is more than just the transport of goods. In order to ensure complete customer satisfaction, vital utilities such as electricity must also be managed during the shift.

Electricity is the most important utilities of all that ensures the proper working of other services such as internet and telephone. It is not hard to find power retailers and moving companies that take care of all the formalities for the customer. Contact your favorite relocation service and inquire about good quotes on all possible utilities.