Spa Pool Moving Service

Moving can be one of the most daunting tasks for multiple reasons. For starters, you need to arrange for a reliable and reputed moving company that can help you with the actual packing and moving process. In addition to this, you also have to ensure that your personal belongings are transported with great caution so that they do not get damaged or lost in transit. But do you know what is more challenging than making a move? Making a move with a full-fledged spa pool!

What with the task of packing and shipping a 1000-pound spa pool or hot tub to a different part of the state or country, your move can end up being too overwhelming to deal with. However, experts recommend hiring a spa pool moving service provider for the task and refraining from compromising on your safety by trying to undertake the move all by yourself. While you might not be too inclined to shell out the extra bucks to hire a professional spa pool moving company, it is most certainly going to be worth it in the end.

Why hire a professional spa pool moving service provider? 

  • Planning a move with a massive spa pool involves a few important considerations. For instance, you need to follow a set of steps to ready your spa pool for the actual process of transit. You need to drain, dry and clean up your spa pool before you can ship it to a new location. In addition to this, high-quality spa pools often come with an entire set of instructions by the manufacturer that must be followed for proper dis-assembly and packing of the product. Hiring a moving company for your spa pool will help you obtain the professional assistance of trained and skilled individuals who have sufficient experience in performing such tasks in the past.
  • Next, you need to tilt the hot tub on its side to carry it to the truck for transportation. It is a no-brainer that this little maneuver cannot be carried out without adequate manpower that a professional spa pol moving company will be capable of providing you.
  • The task of actually carrying your hot tub from its initial location and loading it onto the truck for shipment will also require considerable elbow grease. A professional spa moving company can provide you a team of professionally trained movers who have great experience in performing such complicated moves in the past.
  • In addition to the muscle power, you would also require assistance with identifying the most suitable path for carrying your spa pool to the truck. For instance, you would need to plan a path that does not feature any hurdles such as any landscaping accents, railings, staircases and so on. A spa pool moving service provider will be well equipped with the required resources to safely handle, carry and haul your spa pool onto their shipping vehicle. For instance, your spa pool movers will bring with them an entire set of tools and equipment such as floor coverings, stretch wraps, moving pads and so on to ensure safe and damage free transport of your hot tub too and from the moving truck.
  • While a lot of people might ignore the importance of packing their spa pool for a move, it is highly recommended for the sake of its safety and protection. A professional spa pool moving company will take great care of securing your hot tub in good quality plastic or bubble wrap to protect its outer shell against any scrapes and dings.
  • If you hire a spa moving company, they will make sure to communicate all the estimated expenses to you after reviewing the different factors associated with moving your tub including its set up, its location, the intended pathway for carrying the tub to the moving vehicle and so on. For instance, if your tub is too massive for manual hauling or set up in an awkward position, the moving company might have to factor in the costs of employing a crane to lift and maneuver the tub.
  • Even though you might try to carry out a task exactly as it is supposed to, there is always a remote possibility for human error or unforeseen mishaps to ruin your entire planning. That said, if your spa pool gets subjected to any damage during transit by a moving company, there are great chances of you recovering the damage costs under the moving insurance and full liability that all movers offer their clients. As such, hiring a professional moving company will provide you the peace of mind of knowing that your expensive spa pool will be in safe hands.

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