How To Pack Your Life In Two Suitcases

Fitting years of your life into two suitcases is far from an easy task. Unless you intend to go shopping for your things abroad and have no attachment to your belongings and nil hoarding tendencies, packing is a breeze. But for others, it requires several re-packs and re-arranging. Say, you are preparing to move overseas to study and can only bring two suitcases with you – what do you do? It can be a challenge what to bring and what to leave out, especially if you don't know what to expect in your new living situation. All the "what if" scenarios that crop up in our mind before a big move make it so much more difficult to narrow down life's necessities. Organize your things from before and remember that less is always more. Neither do you want the physical burden of carrying tons of luggage by yourself in an alien land nor do you want to pay the fee for excess luggage. Here are a few tips to help you pack all that you need for a move in two suitcases-

Tips on How to Pack-


Managing Utilities During Relocation - What You Can Do In Auckland

Relocating to a new home or office is not an easy task. It requires careful planning, oversight and a lot of coordinated efforts to ensure the proper delivery of goods without any damage. One of the critical aspects of relocation that is often overlooked is ensuring the proper transfer and management of utilities.

As a layman, it might be difficult to figure out the exact plan for all the utilities. While New Zealand has a wide range of moving companies that offer utility management services, it helps things to plan in advance and make an assessment of all the vital necessities such as electricity, water,


Reducing Stress While Setting Up Electricity Connection At Your New Home

Relocating to a new home is a stressful and tiring experience. Days are spent in unpacking, arranging and cleaning the facilities and personal goods. The expectation of happiness and joy of settling at their new home is what keeps most people going during this time. However, things can take an extremely frustrating turn if there is no electricity connection at the new location before or upon your arrival.

Just like before, while buying a computer we assess our requirements and look for various models with different specifications, we should check all the features and services provided by moving and utility companies. A lot of private electricity companies provide extensive assistance and attractive relocation packages to their customers. Additionally, most moving companies in New Zealand help their client with the management and transfer of utilities. Such companies can ensure a proper power connection at your new domicile before your arrival.

There are several companies in New Zealand which provide electricity to various locations. Before taking on the service of any company, there are certain things that you should assess regarding your new home and your utility plans.

  • You should calculate your monthly electricity bills in your old house and draw up an estimate of the final electricity bill.
  • You should revisit the terms and conditions of your electricity provider and know how soon you should intimate regarding the possible disconnection or reconnection of power. You will also come to know of any associated penalties that are that are present if the service is canceled in the middle of the month or before the notice period.
  • By comparing the number of rooms and utilities between your old and new house you should draw up an estimate of the approximate energy costs in the new location.
  • Analyze the various electricity providers and make a note of the charges and tariffs that are placed by various companies. The idea is to minimize energy costs as significant capital is invested during the relocation itself.
  • Enquire about the quality of the connection of various electricity providers in the new locality. You can talk to your new neighbors and gain insight into their customer service.
  • You need to maintain at least two months or records of electricity usage and bill payments made to your old electricity provider. This will be asked by your new service provider as a financial assurance that you do not have any pending bills.
  • Read the terms and conditions of the new contract carefully and fix the date of the initiation of services carefully so that it matches with your date of arrival.

Have a Moving Company set up Your Electricity

If you do not wish to take on all the necessary hassles of establishing your own electricity connection, then you can let one of the moving companies do it for you. It will save your time and energy, and the moving company executives will deal with the utility companies and provide the best electricity connection according to your needs. Some of the major advantages of using a moving company to manage your power connections are mentioned below.

  • Access to quality providers of electricity- Moving companies often work in conjunction with various utility companies to streamline the relocation process. They possess extensive lists of contacts for various services. Depending upon your power usage needs and budget, moving companies can offer the best possible energy service, providers.
  • Setting up new connections without hassle- Gaining access to electricity connection requires opening an account with the local service provider. There are verification processes involved which consume a lot of time. Additionally, connection ports must be checked for availability and booked. You can be free of such hassles by letting your moving company take care of all the proceedings for you. They will take it upon themselves to contact the right energy service provider and get your account established and verified. You would only need to provide relevant details on the moving company's website or to their executive before the actual relocation.

Choosing The Right Carton

Moving homes need not be stressful if you organize your packing well! The key to packing is in the selection of the right cartons for the right objects. When selecting the cartons for packing your valuables, there are many considerations including:

  • Ease in assembling
  • Size and dimensions of the carton
  • Thickness and sturdiness
  • Durability
  • Cost-effectiveness
  • Easy transportation and handling
  • Environment or eco-friendly cartons made from recycled materials
  • Efficient storage space utilization
  • Flexibility
  • Extra packaging materials like foam for added protection of valuables

Creating a checklist of objects that need to be packed and marking the ones needed urgently and those that will be stored in the cartons for a long time will help identify the ideal cartons. There are multiple cartons available for each requirement.

Plasma box

Wherever you move, it is difficult to do without your favorite shows and movies. The entertainment units often are the most valued possessions in every household. Which is why while moving, paying extra attention to how you pack your precious plasma TV is critical. Plasma TV being large needs a sturdy packing carton such as the exclusive Plasma box. Measuring 1430mm X 325mm x 750 – 1100mm, the Plasma box has a super strong double layer carton. With an adjustable lid for added convenience, the carton can accommodate Plasma TV sets of up to 127 cm or 50". For additional protection, four foam blocks along with two cam-lock straps prevent the TV set from getting damaged.

Super Storage/Archive Carton

With dimensions of 390×306×260mm, the super storage cartons are designed for packing offices. The self-assembling box has a lid and double thickness base. The strong design makes the use of packing tape redundant.

Archive cartons or super storage boxes are ideal for long-term storage. Many valuable items including postcards, office documents, photographs, newspapers, magazines and other important paperwork can best be stored in the Super Storage or Archive carton.  Several types of Super Storage/Archive Cartons are available that are specifically designed to store and protect artwork, slides, posters or other work-related materials.

Being linen and acid-free, these boxes are secure and sturdy, protecting these valuables from dust, dirt, moisture and light infiltration which are the main reasons why paper and other materials get damaged over time.

The Super Storage/Archive Cartons are most ideal for those who work from home or have a home office. Packing and transporting your home office in these Super Storage cartons lets you organize your work as soon as possible in your new location, without any disruption to your projects.

Some archive cartons made from high-performance, fluted papers make use of 100% corrugated board that has been recycled. These cartons ensure optimal durability and strength ideally suited to store important documents and heavy files. Apart from homeowners, businesses, solicitors, accountants, and others also find the best use for these type of cartons.

Priority Carton

There are always some things that take top priority when you are moving home. Some things are immediately needed as soon as you shift. These could be anything from TV remotes, coffee maker to essential stationery


Lay Flat Wine Cartons

If you are someone who loves the occasional sip of fine wine or if you are truly a wine connoisseur, it is highly likely that you will have at least a few bottles of expensive wine stored away safely somewhere around your house.

Wine requires to be kept in dark and cool places for it to age properly and become refined to perfection. This why wine should be stored properly. Wine bottles are rather fragile, and one needs to be very cautious when moving them about. You drop it, and there goes some expensive wine.

The situation described above is probably something that worries you when you are about to move your residence from one house to another. Unless the wine is correctly packed and stored, it can get damaged during packing and moving.

In order to avoid this, you can use a type of carton known as the lay flat wine carton. Such cartons are specifically designed to hold your precious bottles of wine and make sure that they stay undamaged while moving them about.

What is a lay flat wine carton?

A lay-flat wine carton is a carton that is made from very thick, heavyweight kraft boards. These boards are corrugated and crush resistant, meaning that your wine bottles will not be impacted in the slightest during all the moving and repacking.

These cartons come in a variety of sizes and can accommodate several wine bottles at once. The wine bottles can be laid flat on the bottom of the carton, and the cartons come with cardboard molded pulp inserts that are 100 percent recycled and can be inserted between the wine bottles to separate them and protect them from breaking.

These cartons are designed in such a way that you can keep wine bottles of almost any size and shape in them. The companies that manufacture such cartons subject these boxes too


All You Need to Know About Summer Rainstorms while Moving Houses

Moving houses usually is a big decision, especially if you own a lot or have a family to move with. It takes months of planning, booking, and getting things in place before the moving day. You need to empty and clean up your current home, get the new house ready for moving in, and plan out all the details of transport as well. What can you do when severe weather strikes on or very close to moving day?

Are summer rainstorms common?

Over the past few years, rainstorms in summer have become increasingly common all over New Zealand. Although summer rains were common all over the country, they did not cause as many problems and as much destruction before as in the past few summers. Rainstorms are becoming increasingly common all over the country during the summer, which means that the weather could take a turn for the worse without much notice at times.

Preparing for a possible rainstorm when moving houses

Ideally, if a rainstorm has been confirmed to hit the route you plan to take for moving houses around the time of moving, you should push moving plans back till the weather is better. Although this is highly desirable, it is not always possible to push moving dates back. At times, you may have to move out of your current home at the pre-set date irrespective of weather conditions.

Here are ways to prepare for moving houses in summer when you are expecting a rainstorm:

  • Keep an eye on the weather: Keep checking for weather updates, storm warning, and instances of flooding or other damage along the route that you and the moving vehicle need to take to your new home a few days or even weeks before the scheduled move. That way, you can be prepared for bad weather and will not be taken by surprise at the last minute.
  • Have rain supplies on hand: Rain gear—rain shoes, waterproof outerwear, umbrellas— can help keep you and your family dry and safe in the event of a rainstorm if you need to be outdoors. You might also want to have mops, cleaning solutions, and something to cover the floors of your current home to protect your house from water damage while the moving company personnel move your belongings and clean up after they are done.
  • Weatherproof your belongings: Ensure that all your belongings are packed in a weatherproof packaging material and safely secured so that the risk of water damage is minimal. If you are packing on your own, get enough supplies so you do not run out at the last minute.

If you cannot stay back a few days in your current home and need to leave on the scheduled date, you should consider booking a hotel for you and your family somewhere close by and move your belongings to a storage space till the weather improves.

  • Short-term storage: This is a good option if you need to wait it out for the rainstorm to pass before moving. You can book these storage spaces for a few days till the weather clears, and then move your belongings to your new home to ensure your belongings stay safe.
  • Storage in transit: If you suspect rough weather during your move, and the transit will take a few days, it is a good idea to look up storage services on the route, in case you need to use one on the way. You can keep the service informed of your plans and let the moving company know that they can use the storage service if the weather goes bad.
  • Long-term storage: If you are anyway planning to move some of your belongings to long-term storage, it might be a good idea to move all your belongings to the storage space for a few days till the weather gets better.

Tips to protect your belongings from water damage

  • Use water-resistant packaging for all your belongings when preparing for the move.
  • If you have large electronics, expensive paintings, and such other items that might incur water damage, consider keeping them in weatherproofed storage till the weather improves.
  • Use a weatherproofed and temperature-controlled moving vehicle, if possible.
  • If water does seep into your belongings, remove packaging as soon as you arrive and take necessary steps to avoid extensive damage.
  • Protect wood items with weatherproofing coats and varnishes. Plan well ahead if you plan to do this as it may take a few days for the items to completely dry after the coat is applied.
  • Keep your rain gear at hand. Keep some extra-large umbrellas around as well, in case the moving company personnel need them.

Keeping Your Kids and Pets Safe when Moving Houses

Moving houses can be a big decision and a big change for everyone involved, more so if you have kids and/or pets. Although it takes adults a while to settle into a new house and new surroundings, it can be way trickier for kids and pets to adjust to such newness. If you are not careful with your planning and moving, the moving process might end up being extremely stressful and unsafe for them. How can you make moving houses easier on and safer for your kids and pets?

Keeping your kids safe when moving houses

There are a number of small steps that you can take right from the planning stage to ensure the move is safe for your kids, and they do not get stressed or injured in any way in the process.

  • Visit the new home: If possible, try to visit the new house with your kids and let them explore the new house and get used to it before moving. This will let you know if your kids like the place, what they have to say about it, and how comfortable they seem. Such visits will also ensure that on moving day, your kids are not surprised by the new surroundings but are already familiar with it.
  • Move during holidays: This is a great idea if your kids are still in school. You can have a farewell party with your kids’ old friends if you are moving far away, get them to meet the new kids in the neighborhood, and give them time to settle down before they start school.
  • Hire a sitter for your kids: On moving day, there will be a lot of things you will need to do, and you do not want to be dealing with small kids who need constant attention. It would be a good idea to hire your usual sitter for the day, at least till the moving company finishes its work and leaves the house.

Ensuring the safety of your pets when moving houses

Be it dogs, cats, reptiles, fish, or any other kinds of pets, moving can be stressful. Here are a few steps you can take to reduce the stress and make your pets comfortable:

  • Keep them locked: Get your pets into their cages or crates before the movers arrive and herd them into a room away from all the activity in the house. Ensure that you lock them in their cages or keep the windows and door of the room secured. This will ensure they do not escape from the house out of fear.
  • Keep noise to a minimum: Moving is noisy, and you cannot completely avoid noise on moving day. However, you will need to try and keep noise to a minimum so your pet does not get stressed or try to run to get away from the noise. Keep the moving company personnel and the noise they bring away from your pets. Alternatively, you can keep your pet at a foster home or a neighbor’s place, especially if your pet does not deal well with too many people or noise.
  • Get a mild sedative or relaxant: This is especially a good idea for cats and dogs, and possibly even reptiles, if they do not like traveling or get scared on car rides. A mild relaxant or sedative simply calms them and does not make them pass out. They are aware of their surroundings but do not get scared, which makes moving smoother and less stressful for everyone.

Pack all the essentials you need for your pet (food, water, bowls, medicines, treats) for the journey to the new house so you can keep your pet comfortable throughout the journey.

Tips for helping kids and pets settle in the new house

For kids

  • Take familiar toys and bedding to the new house to make kids comfortable and help them settle in quickly.
  • Arrange a small party to help them get to know the neighborhood kids and make friends before they start school.
  • Have some of their favorite food and sweets handy when you get to the new house, in case they get cranky or sad about leaving the old house.

For pets

  • Get their bedding or cage, toys, and food and water in place as soon as possible once you reach the new house. Comfort and familiarity help pets settle down faster.
  • Get back to a routine your pet is familiar with, be it feeding time, walks, or other activities as soon as possible after moving.
  • Check with the vet for any specific steps you need to take to get your pet settled. Certain pets can take longer than others to settle in, especially cats, so be sure to secure them in the house and make them feel safe.

Moving Houses in Winter - How to Make it Work

Do you need to move to a new house in a different city in the wintertime? Are you worried about moving your belongings in winter? Do you want to know how to go about winter moving to minimize glitches and problems? There are a number of moving companies in Auckland that are experienced in moving houses during the wintertime.

Why winter moving can be tricky

If you are wondering why so many of your loved ones are surprised you are moving in winter or are trying to persuade you to move during a different season, here are a few reasons they might be concerned:

  • Closed and icy roads: If you plan to move to a city or town at a higher altitude than sea level, there is a good chance you will encounter snow during your winter move. If there has been heavy snowfall before you go, it is possible that some smaller roads might be closed for traffic. Even if roads are open, snow and ice could make them slick and difficult to drive on, especially for heavy moving vehicles.
  • Snowstorms, rain, and bad weather: If you are moving to a higher altitude that gets snow frequently, you might encounter a snowstorm during your move, especially if your move is during peak winter. Snowstorms could cause delays and increase the chances of your moving vehicle being stuck on the way to your new house. Heavy rains and generally

All You Need to Know About Moving Your Home Gym

Are you planning to move houses within or outside Auckland? Are you a fitness aficionado with a full home gym set up? Are you wondering how you will transport all your expensive and various gym equipment safely and securely to your new home? There are a number of moving companies that can help you with the task, and you can also take some steps to make the move safe and easy.

Get started on packing

Moving houses can be quite a tricky and confusing business, and having a full home gym to move can make it more complicated. However, with a bit of time and planning, you can ensure that you get things done correctly in a timely manner with minimal confusion.

To move your gym equipment, here are a few things you need to start with when you are packing up your old house:

  • Clean all your gym equipment: A home gym is a personal space, and if you are the only one using the gym, you may not always keep it completely sanitized and wiped down. However, when you know that other people will be handling the equipment, you need to be considerate and wipe down all the equipment so they are clean and ready to be moved. You can use a mild cleaner to spray all the handles and other surfaces that might have sweat or dirt and wipe them off with a clean cloth. Cleaning also ensures that the equipment does not develop any mustiness or other issues if the transport takes longer than expected.
  • Get user manuals in place: Some large gym equipment will need to be dismantled before moving. If you have done it before and know how to go about it, you can dismantle the equipment yourself and keep it all ready for the movers. If you are unsure about doing this yourself or feel you may need some help, keep the user manuals for all such equipment handy. If you do not have them from the time of your purchase, you can easily download them online.
  • Label heavy and delicate items for movers: If you have any heavy weights or other heavy equipment, it is a good idea to label them as heavy for the movers. This will ensure the movers do not injure themselves or damage your equipment unknowingly. The same way, if any equipment needs to be handled with extra care, ensure you label those as well and let the moving company know when they arrive.

Find the right moving company

Although most moving companies will have some know-how on moving gym equipment, they may not always be experts at it. If you have a lot of equipment to move or need help packing, unpacking and assembling the equipment in your new home, it might be a good idea to hire a moving company that specializes in handling gym equipment.

A good moving company should be able to help you with gym equipment in the following ways:

  • Dismantle all large equipment and store all the parts safely with proper labeling.
  • Pack all the parts, including those that can damage easily, with care and move all the equipment in a planned way to the new house.
  • Unload, unpack, and assemble all the gym equipment correctly and without damaging any parts.
  • Arrange the gym equipment in the way you require in the new house without damaging any floors and walls of the house.

Your clarity of thoughts and planning can go a long way in making this move easy for yourself as well as for the moving company.

Tips for moving gym equipment safely

  • Start by making an inventory of all the items that need to be packed and moved. Having a detailed inventory can help keep track of all the equipment and ensure that nothing is lost in transit.
  • If you are very particular about how you want your gym equipment packed, it might be a good idea to pack some of it yourself or have detailed instructions sent to the moving company in advance to help them plan accordingly.
  • Have a plan for where and how you want your equipment arranged in the new home so you can instruct the movers accordingly when they arrive with your belongings.
  • Keep the checklist handy at all times. You can even give a copy to the movers so it is easier for them also to track your gym equipment, especially if you are not traveling with the moving vehicle and plan to arrive separately.

Moving can be a tiring and long-drawn exercise, but with a bit of planning, clear communication, and clarity on what you want and how you want it done can go a long way in making the move easy and ensuring all your gym equipment arrive safely at your new home.


Types of boxes you would need on a move

Regardless of whether you plan to settle just a few blocks away from where you currently live or right across the country in a different state, careful planning and preparation is the key to ensuring a smooth and hassle-free moving experience. And packing your belongings for transit is one of the most critical aspects of making a successful move.

Unless you are someone who literally lives out of a suitcase, you will need to have a good understanding of your packing needs and the different types of boxes that are most suitable for the purpose of moving. Needless to say, it is easier said than done. With the large variety of moving boxes available in the market nowadays, it can be quite challenging to figure out which ones would serve your purpose best and also be light on your pocket.

Choosing a box for the move

Choosing the right box for your move is critical for ensuring the safety of your belongings in transit. In addition to being the right size and design, the boxes you pick for packing your belongings must also be durable and strong enough to withstand the potential damages during the journey. You must ensure to choose a box that is resistant to impacts and does not get crushed or warped under pressure. Also, it must feature a sturdy bottom that does not give way under the weight of the contents.

The strength of corrugated boxes typically used for moving is measured in terms of Bursting Strength Test and Edge Crush Test. While the Burst Strength Trust provides a measure of the level of force under with a box would rupture or get punctured, the Edge Crush Test evaluates the stacking strength of the box.

Choosing a box that is low in


All You Need to Know about Moving to Pukekohe

Pukekohe is a large town that lies on the edge of the Auckland Region, which is sometimes considered to be a suburb of Auckland because of its proximity to the city. It is a self-sufficient town that has everything you and your family would need while still being close to the big city. Are you planning to move to Pukekohe from Auckland? Are you still wondering if it is a good decision to move to Pukekohe?

Options for moving to Pukekohe from Auckland

  • Packers and movers: If you have never moved before, do not have any help packing and unpacking, or have a lot of belongings to be packed and moved, this is the perfect option for you. It is relatively more expensive to hire a moving company than choosing other moving options, but it is worth the cost if you want to save yourself the hassle. Packers and movers usually provide packing, moving, and unpacking services. They can take apart furniture and put them together in your new place, set up your new place the way you want it, and make the move smooth and easy for you.  
  • Man with a van: This is a budget moving option is particularly suitable for you if you are moving by yourself and do not have a lot of belongings to move. In this service, you basically hire a vehicle, which comes with a driver. The packing, loading, unloading, and unpacking in your responsibility. It is a good idea to go for this service to move to Pukekohe if you have moved before and know how to go about it, and have some help loading and unloading your belongings. Students and young professionals who are just starting off with work usually go for this option.
  • Backload moving: This is a great budget option for those who have a lot of belongings but cannot afford or do not want to spend a lot on moving without compromising the services. Backload moving refers to booking vehicles

How to Find a Moving Company that Understands Your Needs

Moving to a new house or apartment can be a stressful process. That’s why it’s of the utmost importance that you find a moving company that understands exactly what you want to be done and does it quickly and efficiently. Even the most organized people have difficulties packing up everything. It can be a lot to do by yourself. You can never just hire the first moving company you come across without having done any homework. This could potentially lead to a lot of broken furniture, missing boxes, and headaches that last for days. You could even end up paying a lot of money for below par service.

The best thing to do when you have a big move coming up is to start doing your research on moving companies, at least a month prior to the big move. This gives you ample time to compare and weigh the pros and cons of all your options carefully. Don’t just take your friend’s word for it. The Internet is a place full of information. So turn to Google. Do a quick search of movers in your area and make a note of the ones you find promising. Here are a few things you should keep in mind.

Background checks

Once you’ve picked a list of movers, vet them thoroughly. Do a background check on them online. You could even call and talk to them directly if you want more information. Go to their websites and look for customer reviews.

Shortlist companies

From the list, you already have, start evaluating your options by analyzing their pros and cons. Ask for quotes from the different companies. Make sure you’re not overpaying. Ask what services will be offered or provided by the company once they’re hired and compare that with the initial quote. Make sure the companies understand the nature of your move. Is it long distance? Will it include heavy machinery? How much furniture will there be? Tell them all the concerns you have regarding the move and make sure they’re equipped to handle everything you want them to.

House visits

The moving company will likely want to visit your home to see what they’re dealing with prior to the move. Give them all the details and show them all the things you want to be moved. Some moving companies even offer packing services. If you also want this service, provide clear instructions as to how and where you want your things packed. Communicate with your moving company. Make sure they know all about any and all possible complications at your new place. While they’re in your house, ask them all you want to know about their company.

Here are a few questions you can ask:

  • What’s the company’s full name?
  • Are there other names they go by?
  • How long has the company been in business?
  • What’s the company’s phone number, address, website name, and email address?
  • Are they licensed-members of the Ministry of Transport?
  • What are their license numbers?

Don’t be shy or scared to ask questions. You can never be too forward with these things. After all, they are your belongings and it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Compare the estimates

When you finally get quotes from moving companies, take everything you’ve learned about them and see whether their services are actually worth the money they’re asking for. Although a low price is always nice, be careful of the companies that have especially low prices. Look at higher bids and find where the extra cost is coming from. Is there an extra service included? Is the moving transportation insured? Where’s the money going? If you’re unclear about something, communicate. Call or email them. Better yet, go to the company yourself and enquire in person. Once you have affordable bids from companies you like, negotiate. Get yourself the best rate possible through negotiation.

Back to the drawing board

Take all the data you’ve collected so far, and get back online. Go back to their websites and do some fact checking. Make sure that all they told you is true. Consider each of your options carefully, weighing their pros and cons, estimate cost, services offered, and even customer reviews.

Selecting the mover

Once you’re satisfied with your list, it’s time to finally pick a winner. Don’t forget to take certain names off your list as you go through the research phase. By now you probably have a moving company in mind. Once you’ve studied all your information, pick a moving company that you think will work best for you.

Different moving companies have different qualities to them. It’s your job to do your research prior to the actual move and pick one that’s suited to your specific needs.

What is Devanning all About?

Packing can be a difficult task. When you’re moving from one place to another, you’re usually overwhelmed with confusion, excitement, or a mixture of both. You’re unsure about what to pack and what to leave behind, but you’re still pretty psyched about the big move coming up. It’s going to be a big change but a good one nevertheless. After you’ve packed up all you can and moved all your personal belongings to your new place, the headache moves from the stress of packing to the stress of unpacking. Usually a more difficult task than simply packing up your things.

While you’re packing, you know where all your things are and all you’ll have to do is put them in containers and maybe label them for ease. While unpacking, you’ll have to show more caution and care than that. You have to decide where to put all your belongings so that they make an aesthetically pleasing picture. You have to decide the outlook and interiors of your new home. You’re starting afresh and besides, the layout of your new place would be a completely new one so you can’t just put everything back the way it used to be at your old place. A lot of thinking goes into unpacking and devanning your personal belongings.

Not only do all your things need to be handled with the utmost care, but you’ll also need to put a lot of thought into where you’re going to place them once you’ve taken them out of the van.

What is devanning?

The standard definition for devanning says that it’s simply unloading products or packages from a container. After the container lands, it is unsealed, and its contents are all taken out. However, devanning could mean so much more than its simplified standard definition.  

Devanning services can help you unload shipping containers, unpack the containers with your personal belongings, and even help you unpack at times. Half of your job is already easier once everything has made it out of those boxes. Devanning services can help you with that. Moving companies and movers usually also provide a devanning service. If you’re interested or would like to know more, contact your movers to find out whether they also do devanning.

Advantages of opting for a devanning service:

Devanning saves you a lot of time. While your movers are devanning your items, you can go about your day and get busy with something more important. The best part is, they all know what they’re doing. They’re experienced and trained to unpack all your items quickly and efficiently. They are thorough and accurate so you won’t have to worry about your belongings going missing or getting lost in the mix of it all.

You can rely on devanning service providers. The crew responsible for devanning all your containers or unpacking all your things are professionals who are trained in the field. They are thorough, pay attention to detail and almost never make mistakes. Usually, devanning companies are certified in handling all kinds of goods like glassware, furniture, electrical goods, consumer goods, and more.

Opting to go with a devanning service will also save you a lot of money. It’s truly cost-efficient, and you won’t regret your decision. The crew will have the satisfaction of having done their job accurately and you will have the satisfaction of getting unbeatable value for the money you spent. Most devanning jobs come with a fixed price, so ask around and get quotes from a number of companies before you pick one. Weigh the pros and cons of each company carefully and pick one that’s best suited to your needs personally.

How to pick the right devanning team

  1. Do a lot of research.

Know your devanning teams. Look into the pros and cons of each company, look for qualified employees, an experienced crew, and professional, high-class equipment for the actual devanning process. Maybe even get testimonies from previous clients if you want to be extra sure.

  1. Ask a lot of questions.

For your peace of mind, it’s better for you to be on site while the team is doing all the devanning. Not only will it ease your worries to a degree, it will also give you a sense of what the devanning and unpacking process is like for future references. So ask if you’re allowed to be present while the crew is doing their thing.

Devanning doesn’t have to be all that difficult to navigate. It isn’t a complicated concept. All the movers are doing, is helping you with something you’d rather not do yourself. They have professionals to do the job more efficiently and accurately than you ever could, and just for a small, affordable fee. You can relax and do other, more important tasks, while this part of your moving is taken care of.